Played Archeage friends are deeply experienced in the Archeage as in a real world, no matter what career you choose, in the Archeage there are value.

Archeage life system, I personally prefer weapons to build a career, do not say other, just a weapon to create a career easier to get Archeage gold.

Why do we say that weapons to create a career easy to get Archeage gold it, we all know, Archeage characters want to become strong, it must improve their own properties, and weapons of the property, it means that you can no longer Archeage dominate.


But Archeage weapons to create a career or look at the face, if not to create a good weapon, in fact, is useless, but once the best weapons to create, it really earned a turn.

Archeage good weapons to create a professional division is not so easy to practice, to have to improve the proficiency in order to get a good chance to get a good weapon.


The better point is that the early put a little Archeage gold to enhance the weapon to build division level, the back can slowly earn back, and many professional players are doing so.