I have been playing WoW for four years, the game rookie can now also bring girls to kill monster boss, work more and more busy, I also do not have much time to play WoW, but for WoW love is still buried in the bottom of my heart. There are a lot of friends just playing WoW, I sorted out some of the new WoW common problems.


1, wow a card how many game time?

In China, a 30 yuan wow point card game time is 2700 minutes, 15 yuan point card game time is 1350 minutes. 500 dollars can buy 16 sheets of 30 cards and a 15 point card, the total time 44550 minutes together 742 hours. 4 hours a day to play. You can play for 185 days. In addition to the consumer point card, the game which can spend money on the place, the mall mount only individual good-looking, and the number of small, do not buy completely look at the individual, good-looking mount basically rely on luck ~ in all Online games, wow be a money-saving game.


2, wow Novice how to get wow gold?

Want to exchange wow gold coins the most common way is to use the point card for gold coins, according to the server exchange rate, the general 30 yuan each card can be exchanged for around 90000 gold, gold can be used for a long time, but if you buy other Equipment, may still not enough.


3,Wow how to upgrade fast?

In wow, you want to upgrade the best way is to complete the main task, do the main line of the task when the way to complete some of the task, there will be a lot of experience reward Oh


4,Wow equipment and mount how to get?

Mounts and equipment through the task, kill the monster BOSS only, of course, you can use the most simple way to directly buy WOW gold, if your economic capacity is better.